Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Summertime Wishlist

Hank snapped this of me, swimming in Navajo Canyon last summer. Take me back!

Oh, summer! I always think I'm more of a Fall person, but then Summer comes around and I love it so much. Nothing's better than long nights spent outside with my family, letting the boys get good and dirty and getting all of their energy out. And the clothes! I love being able to throw on a long dress and sandals and be good to go. I'll miss these days in a few months, and dream about them when it begins to snow, I'm I've been soaking up this weather while we can.

For now though, here are some things on my summer wishlist:

I love this dress so much.

I've been on the hunt for a new pair of jean shorts and these are great...and 40% off!

This bathing suit is SO cute.

Overalls? I'm a huge yes but a couple of my girlfriends are huge nos. I love all of these Madewell pairs.

Another great summer dress. This would also be great layered over jeans in the Fall, especially in the rust color.

I have these sandals (shown in the photo above), and you need them! They're surprisingly comfy...and under $25.

So pretty, right? I love the bright colors.

This is the dress I wore to our recent Ergobaby Utah event- via Amazon!

This top, in every color please!

For hiking- this fleece and this hat.

More sweet dresses: one, two, and three.

Every single one of these summer sandals are on my list!

And speaking of shoes, these have been my go-tos this spring. Love.

My dream sunglasses.

Isn't this dress cute?

Anthro faves: one, two, and three.

I have this tank in black, and it's my favorite easy top to throw on.

And finally, here are three books on my summer reading list: some fiction, non-fiction, and a memoir.

Enjoy! xo

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On Beauty.

Beauty is a funny thing. My idea of what is beautiful has changed so many times over the years, at least when we're talking about what's on the outside. This past weekend I was talking with my friend Morgan, who actually took the photo above, about cancer. About how it's relevant to my family again, and about how much I hate it, and about how I will never ever understand the whys of such a terrible thing. We got on the subject of breast cancer, because both of our mothers are survivors. And we talked about beauty, and about the BRCA test, and what we would do if we were to test positive.

As a woman, and I'm speaking to my own experience here, our ideas of beauty are often tied to how we look, how we feel. Growing up I can remember carrying around a CoverGirl compact in the back pocket of my Levis. I was in 7th grade and pulling that out and powdering my nose made me feel beautiful. Later in college we would all get dressed up in our flouncy little skirts, tank tops and wedges, and spend hours putting on makeup. MAC eyeshadow and lip gloss, Victoria's Secret glitter body lotion and perfume. This was what we did to feel beautiful. Then at 22 I started getting tattooed because owning my body, putting things on it, that made me happy, that was beautiful to me...and it still is.

In my early twenties my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It came in like a tornado, quick and fast, and overnight it felt as if she was suddenly in the operating room, getting a double mastectomy. At the time this seemed so crazy to me- breasts were everything right? Somewhere along the line I had been taught that breasts meant femininity, they meant sexy, they meant beauty. And now my Mom's were gone. The cancer was in one breast, and my Mom elected to have both removed, as a precautionary measure. And she was one of the lucky ones. She had the surgery, she recovered, and then she called me one afternoon, asking- "Do you want my bras? I won't need them again." She had decided against reconstruction.

As parents we're always teaching our children, even when we don't realize we are. I don't think my Mom's decision to forgo breast reconstruction was a conscious teachable moment in her mind then, but now as a Mom myself, that's all I see. In that decision she taught me that beauty is not our breasts. Or our stomachs. Or our legs, arms, or faces. Truly. And it's beyond all of the clich├ęs about beauty being skin deep, it's far past all of that. My Mom told me in that moment, "I don't give a fuck. I am a woman. I am beautiful. And I get to make my own definition of what that means." That's powerful. What that said to me, especially as a twenty-something who was still figuring out who I even was, was that I have the power to create my own idea of femininity and beauty, and then allow myself to accept that as my own truth. And what that says to me now, as a thirty-something still on the path to self-acceptance, is that it's okay to be exactly who I am, because that authenticity, that truth, that is beauty.

Dress courtesy of Doen.

Monday, June 13, 2016

New York, New York! Part Two.

Last week I shared all of the photos Morgan snapped at the Ergobaby event in Brooklyn, which is the reason I was out that way. I typically visit the East Coast every summer, but because we have so much going on this year this counted as my yearly trip "back home." And I know, I've lived in Arizona for more than half my life now, but the East Coast still feels like home whenever I'm there. Plus, one of my oldest and best friends Emily lives there, so it's an added bonus whenever I get to spend time with her. I just love it.

We stayed in Brooklyn at the Fairfield, which was in walking distance to our event space- 501 Union. It was such a pretty walk- I love Brooklyn so much, and anytime I'm there I'm always texting Hank telling him how we have to move there. Those brownstones are just amazing!

We arrived Thursday to get working- we had a walkthrough, gift bags to stuff, huge boxes to go through, etc. etc. In between all of that work we were able to squeeze in some fun things here and there: treats from Momofuku Milk Bar, a couple yummy meals, and some hang out time with friends at night. I also got to see my Uncle Brian and cousin Daron for lunch which was fantastic.

One of my favorite things was the pizza place Emily and her family took me to- Speedy Romeo. The pizza was SO good and the salad we had beforehand was amazing also. That's one of the best things about traveling for me- all of the different food choices! I love Prescott but we only have a handful of restaurants we love, so getting to try so many new spots is always a treat. Emily was of course one of the best parts of the trip for me. I'm able to see her and her fam (who feel like family to me!) just once or twice a year, and although I wish it was more, we always make it count. Em actually spent her first night away from Penny with me this visit, and it was neat to share that milestone.

Some other highlights-

-The event itself was really amazing. This was the second "Mama-to-Be Morning" we put on, and I'm always so inspired working with our team. We had a great time that day and the turnout was awesome. I got to spend time with my sweet friend Ana, see my longtime friend Jen in person again, and catch up with so many East Coast blog friends. It was awesome.

-Being in New York is always super inspiring. Have you ever been? There's just something about it, especially Brooklyn, that always makes me feel so happy and creative.

-Our Madonna Yoga class. Read more about that below!

-We had our wrap dinner at the loveliest restaurant- for the life of me I can't remember the the name! But it was magical. We laughed, we cried, we passed a gratitude crystal. haha. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful long weekend and work trip.

See below for lots more (and outfit details!) under the photos.


My view as we landed at JFK. Amazing, right?

My travel outfit: comfy sweater from Urban Outfitters, these AG jeans, the best sandals, and my favorite hat from Gigi Pip! I usually travel in workout clothes but this was just as comfortable.

I used an app Emily recommended to me and had sushi waiting for me at the hotel when I arrived! It's so funny how different big cities are, from where we live. At that time of the night all restaurants would have definitely been closed here!

The breakfast spot that Erica found- Five Leaves- was insane. SO good. I got the avocado toast and it was next level. Highly recommend!

Okay now THIS yoga experience was one for the books. Here's what I wrote on IG immediately after: "Here's Em and me, before we knew we had *actually* signed up for a 2.5 hour, very hot, glitter-filled Madonna dance and yoga class. (I just thought it was yoga set to Madonna songs). A magical man in red sequin short shorts led us through a practice that started with three rules: breathe. Love your breath. And fly your freak flag. Our evening included: flipping off anyone who has ever wronged us at the top of tree pose, a dance circle with mandatory butt smacking, and singing along to Madonna as loud as we could. By far the most interesting, sweatiest, glitter-filled class I've ever been a part of. And every time we thought it was just kept right on going. But it was SO FUN!" It was truly the weirdest fitness class ever, but at least it was memorable!

Doing our venue walk-through the day before. Such a pretty spot.

Walking with my sweet Erica! If you don't know Erica, you have follow her on IG. She's a doula and chef (amongst various other hats), and is about to not only publish her first book but also launch a really exciting project. Find her here. And don't you love the print on this Ace & Jig dress? These ankle boots are a staple in my closet as well.

All of the gift bags- the totes are from Savage Seeds!

This is Jen- one of my long time internet-turned-real-life buddies! She's the sweetest and it was so good to see her. See my white dress here. It's the most comfortable dream of a dress, ever. Also, these Dolce Vita heels are my favorite. You can find Jen's Madewell overalls here as well.

Here are our rad documenters- Jenner Brown and my friend Morgan Pansing. So much talent in this photo!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


If you're anything like me, you have a TON of photos on your phone and computer but not many printed out. One of my recent goals has been to get more of our pictures up on our wall, and so far, so good! I've been wanting to try Framebridge forever, and once our frames arrived, I couldn't believe that it took me so long. It really is the best service ever- so easy to use, and the quality is outstanding. I truly can't recommend it enough. We did three of their Instagram frames (all in Framebridge's natural wood Marin frame), as well as one super secret Father's Day gift I'll share after Hank opens it. I've tried other upload-to-frame services and I've yet to experience an interface as user-friendly as Framebridge. I also love how you can choose pictures right from your Instagram and have them printed out. The square size worked perfectly with this skinny wall in our home, and I will definitely be ordering more for other spaces.

Once you order your frames, they'll arrive with all hardware included with the pictures ready to hang! Hank was VERY happy about this, as he is typically the hanger in our house. Framebridge makes it super easy.

AND! I have a discount code to share that you have to take advantage of! Seriously, you'll love it. Head over to Framebridge, get framing, and simply enter "SOMETIMESSWEET15" for 15% off at checkout.

Happy framing! And I'll be back in a couple of weeks with Hank's Father's Day present too.


This post was sponsored by Frambridge, but as always, all opinions are my own.
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