Tuesday, May 24, 2016

An Early Birthday Weekend

I'm a week behind sharing this, but I have so many photos from my early birthday weekend I couldn't let it go by without posting something here. My actual birthday isn't until this upcoming weekend (May 29), but because it falls on Memorial Day weekend, Veronica threw me an early celebration. We did dinner at The Barley Hound, then out downtown dancing. It was the BEST night. The whole weekend felt celebratory actually- from the pool part at Brittany's to the 10K Saturday morning, Shirley, Sarah, and my sister being here...it was all such a treat.

Side note- I haven't been running as much as I was last year at this point, but the 10K went so well pushing Charlie in the stroller on that crazy hilly course that I'm feeling good about where I'm at in regards to the half-marathon we're running in August. It was also so fun to run it with Shirley again. We last did it two years ago, when her oldest was super small and I was pushing both of my boys in the double. I will say that pushing just one baby in a 10K is so much easier than two...two is crazy.

Oh, in the photos below you'll see two very special cakes- Drake Cakes! Have you seen this IG account? Both Sarah and Veronica had these cakes made without consulting each other and it was the funniest surprise to have two at the same time. So amazing!

Some outfit/item details too:

Double Bob/Single Bob Strollers
Henry's swim trunks
Brixton hat
Madewell straw tote
Lululemon capris (BEST ever)
Dolce Vita shoes


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekend Links

Happy Sunday evening! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was jam-packed with so much goodness and I can't wait to share more tomorrow. Until then, here are some links- enjoy!

As requested on IG, here are some sources from the photos above- find the mirror here, the sideboard here, and the chairs here.

These shoes are my new favorites. I wore them straight out of the box last night and they were incredibly comfortable all night long. The dress is from Zara, a couple years ago.

Some pretty favorites: this dress, any of these, and this pair of sandals.

You've gotta watch this. So good.

I just picked up this very simple tank and I love it. Super flattering.

Going through a personal shift? Read this.

10 healthy popsicles you'll want to eat all summer. Yum!

No, please: Imagine Sarah Palin in the White House.

Celebrate more!

Wishlist: one, two, and three.

I can't wait to check out these podcasts.

Do you follow me on Snapchat? After I posted a photo of this I got a ton of questions. I can't recommend it enough- it makes the best spiralized veggies and is super easy to set up and clean.

11 powerful women on raising feminist sons.

One of my girlfriends has the best coffee table book collection, and it's inspired me to find a couple new ones to add to our collection!

A good read- Sandy and Rizzo and Me.

This Moment is Enough.

And finally, Declutter Your Fantasy Self.

Have a great week ahead! xo

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

All The Way Home

Yesterday Charlie and I were finishing our afternoon walk in our usual fashion- with him hopping out of the stroller and running alongside me, all the way home. His little legs are always my favorite part- all of that energy moving so fast- a tiny blur in double time. We ran back in happy anticipation of Henry and Hank being home, and as we ended our run in the driveway, Charlie did a jump and yelled, "We're home!"

Later that night as I was tucking both Henry and Charlie into bed, I thought back to when we bought this house. It was the fall of 2010, and I was very pregnant with Henry. I walked our street countless times that Fall- trying to stay as active as possible, even though my new large belly made me feel like I was waddling more than anything. But I would walk up and down our street, all on my own, while Hank was at work. I would swing my arms and take one step after another, resting my hands on my belly from time to time, and I would daydream of the baby that would soon be here. It was getting colder that November, so every afternoon I would leave the house with a sweatshirt over my baby bump, walk and walk and walk, and think about how life was about to change.

Henry arrived on November 22. It was an unplanned c-section but recovery went well, and I was back up and walking within a few weeks. This time on our walk though, I wasn't alone- my new friend was there now too. I would push, push, push that stroller- so slowly in the beginning as my body healed- and we would walk all afternoon. The sunshine and the cold temps revived me, and even though we had to bundle up before leaving the house each day, I felt as if I was shedding layers.

For close to three years it was Henry and me and our walks. Just the two of us. Hank would join us in the evenings, and as time went on we went from Henry in his infant carseat clicked into the frame, to sitting up in the stroller itself, to bouncing along while we jogged.

Then again, I was pregnant. Henry and I would walk still, me pushing the stroller, my stomach growing once again until I had to push the stroller further away from my body just to stay comfortable as we moved. There I was again, waddling up and down the street as those nine months flew by, until August 16th arrived and so did our Charlie.

Another c-section, another recovery, but again I was up and walking soon and this time, there were three of us! I can remember that beautiful chaos well, especially those first days. Sometimes Charlie would be crying, and Henry would be yelling, and I would feel so overwhelmed and just try to push that double stroller as quickly as I could home. Go, go, go I would tell myself, as the echo of a toddler temper tantrum and the cries of a newborn echoed behind us like a trail of very un-musical notes. Other days it was quiet, perhaps one or both of the boys napping, me alone with my thoughts, sweating as I pushed up hills and down again, feeling so good to be outside, simply moving.

And then last night, there we were: two-year old and me, him running alongside the empty stroller as we hurried home to see big brother and Daddy. I couldn't have imagined this, you know. When I would walk along and dream of what it would all be like, I never dreamed there would be this little person running next to me, smiling and laughing, heading down the hill and then seeing another bigger child alongside my husband, arms outstretched. The realness of these moments in contrast to what I had hoped for, it's so sharp and real I could cry. And I do. And not because it's different than what I imagined, but because my dreams have become real and this is so powerful and emotional to me that it hurts in the very best way possible.

Our street has seen a lot. It's felt my footsteps get heavier with two babies, it's supported strollers and skateboards and scooters and bikes as those babies grew and grew. We walk up the street, we walk back down. We walk all the way home, into our driveway, and through the door. All of the changes- from a young married girl about to have a baby, to a mama of one, to being pregnant again, to chasing two wild boys and their runaway soccer ball, the story that's unfolded on this street is a beautiful one. It's home.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend- Our Stay at The Camby Hotel

This past weekend I kind of lived my Mother's Day dream. On Friday I got to spend the night away and sleep in a tiny little bit, and then the next two days were spent with my babies, soaking up a ton of family time with both sets of Grandmas. It was a great weekend, and one of the big highlights was our time spent at The Camby in Phoenix. The Camby graciously hosted us for an evening, and the whole time we were there I kept thinking of different friends who I knew would love it. That includes you, dear readers! If you find yourself in the Phoenix area this would be a great spot for a girls' weekend, date night away, or just a evening to recharge.

When we first entered the property I noticed the big, green topiary camel out front. The name "Camby" comes from the Camelback Mountains, that are a quintessential part of the area. The hotel's vibe touches on Arizona's Five Cs, which I of course I thought was so neat, being such a lover of all things Arizona. If you're curious, they are: cattle, copper, citrus, cotton, and climate. You can see these themes woven through the decor of the hotel.

One of the neatest things about The Camby is their attention to detail. I would describe the hotel as an upscale, boutique urban hotel that also is rooted in fun and whimsy. For instance, the chandeliers above your head by the elevator are beautiful, but upon closer inspection you may notice they actually say "chandelier." Each elevator has a different funny sign posted, like the one below, or the one I shared on Snapchat that said "Life is like an elevator. Sometimes you have to stop and let people off." I loved it. Everything warranted a double take, and I thought they did a great job of really infusing a ton of personality and care into every corner. And our room was no different- beautiful linens, a comfy bed...and a light up cow skull. Ha!

From the beautiful spa (seriously, I had no idea what to expect and it was so incredibly lovely) to the rooftop pool, Hank and I really enjoyed our stay there. We actually stayed right on property to enjoy dinner at Artizen and it was also fantastic. We did wine and beer, their charcuterie board, entrees, and a HUGE dessert plate from the chef. It was all next level, but the cotton candy fudge with cotton candy on top was the big surprise of the night for me. Really delicious!

One of the neatest things about blogging is getting to try out rad spots like this, and this was definitely one of the coolest places we've gotten a chance to check out recently. The tour Nancy (director of sales and marketing) gave us was so neat as well- the background of the hotel is fascinating, especially being such a brand new place. We will definitely be back, and truly- I can't recommend it enough! And if you do decide to book a room at The Camby, please let me know how your visit goes. Right now they're also offering a really amazing summer special too that is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy.

Outfit details:

Striped Dress
Gigi Pip hat (c/o)
Travel bag (c/o)
White dress
Tan wedges
Clutch (c/o)

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