Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Gummy Goodness with Zarbee's Naturals

Let's talk vitamins! We love a good multivitamin in this house, and the boys are especially into taking them every single day...and then trying to pretend they never got them so they can try to get more! ;) It helps when they taste so yummy, and when Zarbee's Naturals reached out to see if we wanted to try some of theirs, we gave a big yes. Henry and Charlie are the best taste testers, as they've tried maybe 5 different types of vitamins now, and they gave me two big thumbs up for these.

Zarbee's Naturals is the only brand with a vitamin that's sweetened with honey. The company was created by a pediatrician father who couldn't find the products he wanted to use with his own family, so he decided to make his own! There are all sorts of Zarbee's Naturals products, and we were sent two: the Toddler Multivitamin and the Children's Multivitamin- see them both here. The boys really, really loved them, and Charlie was especially excited because he's able to have two flavors at a time. So if you were to ask Charlie, that's the biggest selling point for him. For Henry it's the taste, and for me as a Mom, it's knowing that what I give my kids is wholesome and good for them, without any artificial flavors or dyes found in many other kids' vitamin products.

So yes...we're sold! If you'd like to check them out too, find a local retailer here. And let me know what you think if you do get some- I bet you (and your little ones!) will love them.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Small Goals on a Monday

The past few weeks I've have this feeling like I've kind of been letting life happen to me, rather than the other way around. I'm sure you've been there too- we all have- but I'll find myself staying up too late mindlessly scrolling through social feeds, wasting time doing nothing...feeling unmotivated in general, which is a huge bummer. We all go through it, I know- and sometimes I think to myself- I don't have time for this! There is way too much to be done, and truly, I don't have time to not feel 100%.

So this morning I woke up and decided to get my act (back) together. I got up, made some breakfast, and wrote down some small goals for the week that will help optimize my day and my health.

1. Be in bed at 9pm every night, asleep by 9:30pm. 

This is the biggest one for me. I rarely get enough sleep and it totally begins to wear on me and show in every aspect of my life. Skin, mood, productivity levels, you name it. Recently Charlie has been waking up anywhere between 5-6am, and I've been going to sleep around 11:30pm. 5 hours of sleep or less for weeks on end has begun to take its toll. Maybe some people can handle that but I don't do too well with this amount of sleep, and I can feel it. So last night I began the process of switching my bedtime to earlier. My goal for this week is to be in bed by 9pm and hopefully asleep by 9:30. I'm so excited to do this all week and see how good I feel come next Monday.

2. Drink 3 of my 40oz Hydroflasks a day.

These water bottles are my FAVORITE and make drinking water a breeze. I usually aim to drink 3 per day on the regular, but with traveling that amount always varies. This week, I'm aiming to stick to the 3 per day goal, and I know from experience how good I will look and feel. Water is everything.

3. Manage my "free-time" in a more productive way.

I work from home full-time, so my days are pretty structured and very full of kids and work and running around. Most of the time I feel very on top of things and like I'm using my time wisely, but every once and awhile I'll begin to feel a little unmotivated and make poor decisions with my time. For instance, Charlie still naps for almost 2 hours in the afternoon, and most days I will use that time to blog here, reply to emails, etc. But soooome days I'll just zone out and watch two hours of Bravo television. Very fun but it's just way too much misuse of time. My regular working hours are outside of this time, so if I want to get anything done on my personal side (Sometimes Sweet, etc) it must be done here. It's important for me to write here and share, and when I don't I feel a little this week, I really want to focus on using HALF of that block of free time for this space. I'm going to utilize a timer method this week, and set it for one hour. You'll be able to see my progress if you see more posts here! ;)

So those are my small goals for the week. I have a TON more I could work on, but those are the things I'm focusing in on for now. How about you?


ps. See my dress from today's IG pic pointing to this blog post here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm Loving... (April edition)

There is so much GOODNESS happening right now in the internet shopping world! Since I've cleaned out our closet once and for all, I've been having a good time slowly adding in pieces that I love and hope to love for a long, long time. Here are some things catching my eye lately:

Did you check out this dress from Monday's post? It's so well-made- for reference I'm wearing a size small.

Here's the romper pictured above.

Zara has been hitting it out of the park lately. I love this dress (I talked about this earlier on Snapchat- my username is danihamp), this top, and recently picked this up too!

On my list: a pair of Madewell sandals. I'd like one of each of these too! ;)

I think this jumper is so adorable. This one too, but worn off the shoulder.

Also on my list: one of these dresses for summertime.

And more dresses: one, two, and three.

This classic denim brand has become a staple in my wardrobe. Especially the 501s and 721s. I used to wear Levis all the time, and I'm so happy to have "rediscovered" them!

And speaking of basics, I still want to get myself one of these pajama sets. So cute!

Some great tops: one, two, and three.

These backpacks are my favorite- I think Henry needs one for kindergarten next year.

LOVING these sandals.

This is my next dress purchase. I love it.

A few really great pairs of sneakers: onetwo, and three.

This style of Madewell tops and dresses has become one of my favorites. So light and easy to wear!

These pants are great! Perfect for casual weekend wear.

And finally, how cute is this dress? I love it.

Happy shopping! xo

Monday, April 18, 2016

Seeing Comfort Differently with Zappos + Born Shoes

I'm not sure if it's getting older or just getting more practical, but I absolutely refuse to wear anything that isn't comfortable. I just can't bear to do it. I remember being in my 20s, and suffering through nights out with uncomfortable heels on, just because I loved them and they looked cute. Now I can think of no worse way to spend an evening. Today when I pick shoes yes, they have to be pretty...but they also have to make sense for all of the things I find myself doing- chasing kids, running errands, being on my feet for long periods at a time while at work events etc. And when my friends at Zappos asked if I would try out a new pair of Born shoes, it was of course an immediate yes.

The thing I love about Born is that they're not only comfortable, but they are shoes I would absolutely want to buy even if they weren't. If you're in the market for new springtime sandals, these are them. They go with everything from jeans to dresses, and these will be a staple in my wardrobe as our weather continues to heat up. Hank snapped these photos of Henry and me on our way to an event this past weekend. I ended up being on my feet for a few hours, and these shoes totally worked for me. No pain, no blisters, even straight out of the box. I am truly very happy with them, and as usual when I love something, I want everyone I love to get some too, sponsored post or not.

Plus, Zappos has that whole 365-day guarantee, the fastest shipping ever, easy returns- you guys probably know all of this already. They're my go-to shoe spot, and beauties are absolutely my new favorites.

ps. get my dress here. xo

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

You Need This: The BEST Natural Deodorant I've Ever Tried

Okay first of all, this is a 100% UN-sponsored post...unless you count my Mom, who bought me the stuff! I just really, really want to share this with all of you because I love it so much. Over the years I've been on the hunt for a great natural deodorant, and I had yet to find one I liked even a little bit. Some didn't work at ALL, some left me feeling sticky or wet under my armpits, others made me smell weird. And to be honest, when my Mom presented me with this cute little Piper Wai jar I was super skeptical.

Right away I was intrigued by its smell. You guys, it smells SO good. I wish I knew exactly what the makeup of the essential oils are so I could just roll it onto my body, but whatever it is, it's wonderful. To apply, you take a pea-sized amount and rub it into your armpits. It comes out looking grayish-black, but rubs in totally clear. They also have a stick version on the way, but I almost prefer applying it this way- I feel like I really get it in there and it's a good excuse to have a mini self breast-examination each day.

And after reading that paragraph you may be thinking- it's black?! Yes! Black! It's dark because it's made of activated charcoal, which holds 1000x its weight in moisture, which makes sense, right? And a few tidbits from their website- did you know that "sweat secreted from your underarms glands is odorless, but starts to smell when exposed to bacteria? PiperWai’s natural ingredients create a pH-balanced environment where bacteria can’t thrive, leaving you and your clothes smelling fresh with a single application - even after workouts!" I found this to be totally true. It absolutely works for me during and after I exercise, and where my old deodorant (SO not natural) would leave me with a strange, powder-masking-something scent, where this is just smell-free. It's very cool. It's also VERY gentle, and I can put it on right after shaving, no irritation at all.

I can't stress enough how much I love this product, and I want all of my friends to try it too. Having a history of cancer in my family, I want to do anything I can to minimize my exposure to weird stuff, including the aluminum and other chemicals found in regular deodorant. Piper Wai's smell makes me so happy, it's easy to use, and WORKS so well. I have about a half a jar left, and I've been using it everyday for over a month. It's $11.99 on their site, with $6 shipping per order, so I suggest going in with a friend an getting a few to make the shipping cheaper. Even if the price is off-putting, I encourage you to give it a try anyway...I bet you'll like it and find it to be totally worth the money.

Have you tried Piper Wai? Or maybe just seen them on Shark Tank? I'd love to know your thoughts!


ps. a lovely commenter below shared the following from Piper Wai's Facebook page: "We're partnering with the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society this month! Until May 1, we're giving customers 10% off their order, plus donating 10% back to LLS! To take advantage of this deal, simply enter the LLS10 coupon code into your next purchase."

Monday, April 11, 2016

A Quick Weekend in LA

This past weekend in LA was SO chock full of goodness, that I wanted to get it all down before I forget. I’m actually writing this on the plane ride home from Fresno, which makes totally NO sense…but it will when I explain.

I headed to LA on Friday for an Ergobaby event taking place on Saturday. It was a rainy day, and as much as I love to travel it was one of those hard goodbyes. I think the gloomy weather made it worse- I just kept thinking about staying home and cuddling up on the couch with the fam for a Friday night movie. Sad. So my heart was aching a little extra, but I did download a new book to read my I took my mind off of it while I waited for my 2-hour delayed flight. I actually didn’t end up getting into that book, but I DID fall in love with a different one that I’ll be finishing this week and sharing more about as soon as I finish it.

So I eventually arrived in LA, met up with Nicole, and we headed over to the hotel. I always stay at The Line when in LA, and can’t recommend it enough. The rooms have the BEST views- see below- and the hotel itself houses one of my fave LA restaurants- the Commissary (pictured above). Seriously, check it out next time you’re in the area. It was an early night- we checked in, grabbed dinner with Christina, and then I went to bed around 8:30pm. THE BEST! I wish I could go to sleep that early every night! The next morning, I set my alarm for insanely early so I could get a run in before our event. I shared this on Snapchat (user name: danihamp) and a couple friends sent me snaps back like, what the HELL are you doing up at 5am! But long days require a good start, don’t you think?! I wanted to stay in bed and snooze an extra hour but I swear, that run made my day 100x better.

The event was at The Fig House, a really rad space right in LA. The event was put on by Mom dot Me and ClubMomMe and was highlighting Ergo’s new carrier. The Adapt is AWESOME, and is a carrier that accommodates infants-45 lbs kiddos without the use of an infant insert. Hence the “Adapt” name. Very cool. The day was SO fun of all sorts of stuff from Joy Cho and Dr. Sears speaking, Erica from The Mama Circle, product demos, nails and pamper stations, the list goes on. There were celebs (always fun) and lots of yummy treats and cool baby gear to check out. Plus, I got to hang out with one of my friends Kelly, who I don't see enough.

After the event I headed back to the hotel where Brenda was waiting for me! Because there wasn't a late enough flight to Prescott, I had to stay the extra night, and we decided to do a fun birthday dinner for B while I was in her neck of the woods. Megan snuck away for for the night too, and we hit up Sur. Fellow reality show fans, it was SUCH a funny experience. We didn't see Jax or any of the regular crew, but we did see Max working away, as well as the older manager. The food was excellent, and it was a really fun night. Like the old ladies we are, we called it a night at midnight and headed back to the hotel.

Sunday morning we woke up and Brenda and I went back over to Beverly Hills to do some shopping. To be honest, I don't really love shopping in "real life," and much prefer online...but it was sure fun to look! It's such a pretty area and we had a nice, low-key morning eating good food and walking around. I'm glad I got some relaxation in before my night of hell! Haha. So I get to the airport later that day to find out that my flight is canceled! Not even delayed...just canceled. Apparently the pilots didn't show up or they couldn't locate them, or something. Whatever the case the only option was to fly to Fresno, then onto Phoenix, then up to Prescott. A LOT of hassle to get home. In retrospect I should have just asked for my money back right there and then re-bought on Southwest, but it was all a blur and at the moment I just wanted them to fix it and get me home. Luckily there was another woman there early with me, and she turned out to be the mother of one of my former students! She was SUCH a blast, and what should have been an annoying day turned out to be a very fun one hanging with my new friend. And when we eventually made it to Phoenix, she and her husband drove me back up to Prescott so I could avoid waiting another 2 hours for the next available shuttle. Angels!

So, I'm home now...and SO happy! It was a great trip, although every time I go to CA I'm kind of torn. Parts of me can totally see us loving living there and the other half wants to hightail it back to our little town as soon as possible! It's such a nice contrast though, to be able to go work there every month or so, and I am forever grateful to be working with such inspiring people.

Below are some photos from the weekend- enjoy!

oh and ps. some outfit details: see my black Madewell dress here, and the tan dress here.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our Weekend, On A Wednesday

As much as I never wanted to give into the micro-blogging sensation of Instagram, I totally have, without even realizing it. It struck me today, that I rarely blog about everyday stuff anymore. The occasional Currently post, yes, and of course the essays that always mean so much to me, but the reason I even keep this blog up (or at least the intention I set when I began), was to document life so I always had it to look back on. With Instagram I have that, but I always think to myself- this is just an app- and I would much rather have my memories here, where they are on my site that at least feels a little more permanent. Anyway, I was clearing off the photos from my phone when I thought about this, and how I need to get back to it. Because I don't blog nearly as often as I once did, it sometimes feels like if I share something, it has to be really special. That's so silly and self-debilitating though, right? And plus, this is special.

So, our weekend!

Big group date night on Friday- we went to El Gato Azul. They have really delicious tapas and it's just a fun place to go, big group or not. If you're in our neck of the woods and decide to check it out, be sure to snag a patio spot- it's way better to sit out there! A few of my favorite dishes: the fried goat cheese, the pecan and goat cheese on pita with honey drizzle, and the ceviche.

The next morning we headed to our little local Farmer's Market. This is the winter market, so it's a bit smaller, but there are still so many fun booths and delicious food. We met up with my friend Lisa and it was a really fun start to the day. Side note- I got a ton of questions about my top. You can get it here on sale AND for an additional 25% off until tomorrow evening. And if you love Free People and Madewell as much as I do, it's a great time to get an amazing deal on top of a deal here and here!

That night I had a girls' night with Brooke and Adie. It was SO much fun- drinks at the Barley Hound then onto Whiskey Row for the night. Lots of dancing and silliness...and laughing until our faces hurt.

The next day was my Mom's birthday celebration so we headed down to meet them halfway at Rock Springs Cafe. The meal was okay, but the pie was awesome. And isn't it just beautiful there? All in all an amazing weekend full of friends and family. I couldn't ask for anything more.

I hope you had a good one too. Birthday celebration pics below.


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